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Converting a wood burning fireplace to gas

Vented Gas Logs

Vented gas logs best simulate a real wood fire. They operate just as if you were burning wood, with the glass door open and the damper open. They are available with remote control and models are available with no controls at all.

Hargrove Gas Log Sets

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Dual Vent Gas Logs

Dual vent gas logs can be operated with the damper open (less heat) or with the damper closed (more heat). They can be operated with a simple switch, or a remote control that can also adjust the flame up and down.

American Hearth Gas Log Sets

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Gas Inserts

These are a whole new “fireplace” that fits inside your existing fireplace. They are very efficient because they do not use room air for combustion; they use outside air. They have a glass panel that is sealed to the unit so there is no chance of any fumes spilling into the room. There are very many aesthetic options and control options to choose from.

American Hearth Gas Fireplace Inserts

Napoleon Gas Fireplace Inserts

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